Our Program

1) Balanced growth of pupils in all fields of life through, scientific and psychological programs and plans aiming at the development of abilities to express themselves and their skills .
2) Distinguished educational service through modern electronic media .

Well equipped classes according to the latest universal specifications .
Science Lab. , listening and computer lab. , and library .
Special Dining room for Kids.
Yards , playgrounds and mental activities games .
Light school – bag .
Regular medical care .
3) Teaching the French language .
4) Regular Quizzes for evaluation of personal abilities , intelligence and knowledge acquisition that begins from the first day of the child’s acceptance at school up to the day of graduation by Allah’s Willing .

5) Association of the family in the child development program .
6) Responding to the parents’ inquiries concerning homework.
7) Programs of Psychological and behavioral therapy for overcoming :
Mendacity – Jealousy – Fright – Indignation – Speech disorder -(A D H D).
8) Social and Psychological Consultations for parents to overcome the problems of : divorce anxiety, Depression, obsession (haunt)